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Investment Packaging

We design, draft and deliver foundational documents critical to undertaking a capital raise: financial model and pro forma financial projections, investment brief, corporate fact sheet and offering documents. In addition, we assist in developing related corporate housekeeping documents and maintaining a current and complete set of corporate records.


Data Room

We create a dedicated virtual data room for each client offering. It is a cloud-based, centralized repository for all company materials critical to the due diligence process for any professional investor.


Equity Round

For qualifying companies, we create a dedicated offering portal on which features their company and access to their offering through our partner,, a FINRA registered placement agent. The mission of Equity Round is to connect promising emerging growth companies with qualified investors. What sets Equity Round apart is its commitment to transparency and best practices in the marketing process to enable investors with the information they need to know to make informed decisions.


Dedicated 506c Offering Portal

We offer companies with the integration tools and support to undertake a 506c offering on their own website, which mirrors the navigation and resources on Equity Round, including transactional support through



VentureTarget is a powerful financial tool capturing key performance metrics for companies in an intuitive and graphically appealing format.

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