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Zeno Corporation develops and markets revolutionary new devices for both beauty and health related applications, based on its proprietary ClearPoint technology platform.

The first in a series of products, Zeno® for acne blemishes was designed to utilize the Company’s ClearPoint technology platform as an over-the-counter (OTC) treatment for acne-related blemishes. Zeno has been clinically proven to be effective and, when compared to existing OTC treatments, offers users substantially better results with none of the typical side effects. The first device of its kind to receive OTC approval from the FDA, sales of Zeno began in June of 2005 through dermatologists. Today, Zeno has national distribution through a majority of US drug/mass retailers and has been a top-selling item in the acne care category. Through 2009, the Company has sold roughly 600,000 devices. A recent R&D breakthrough now enables the Company to produce a much lower cost version of its blemish-clearing device. This new device, Zeno Hot Spot, carries a suggested retail price of $39. In-store testing of this price point showed more than a six-fold increase in sales volume as compared to the current $89 Zeno price. Zeno Hot Spot is in production and available for sale now via the Company’s web site and full national retail distribution is expected by March 2010. Viacom Inc., one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies, has invested $20 million in television advertising over the next two years to support the Hot Spot launch via its premier stations includ- ing MTV, VH1 and Teen Nick in exchange for a $14 million equity stake in Zeno. Viacom set the price and terms of the current Series F investment round, and management believes large media players rarely choose to invest their limited advertising inventory in exchange for equity and that doing so indicates a high level of confidence in Hot Spot’s potential.


The Company’s ClearPoint platform represents a broad pipeline of products in varying stages of development, including additional beauty care applications as well as lip, nail and dental care treatments. An anti-aging product is planned for the second half of 2010 combining therapeutic heat with proven age-defying serums.

Clinical trials recently completed for Zeno CS, a device designed for the treatment of cold sores, should successfully position the Company to become the leading brand in the Lip Care category. The Company has received CE and Health Canada approval for Zeno CS and expects to launch this product in the EU and Canada in 2010. A US launch of Zeno CS is targeted for late 2010 or early 2011. Pre-clinical study results have formed the premise for versions of Zeno designed for the treatment of nail bed fungus (Nail Care) and periodontal disease (Dental Care), which are still in the development phase.

Zeno Corporation’s management team provides significant entrepreneurial, public company and branded consumer products experience along with extensive medical research and product development background. While the Company is ISO 13485 certified as a medical device manufacturer, its production is fully outsourced to qualified contract manufacturers in Asia.

Headquartered in Houston,Texas, the Company maintains offices in NewYork and Redmond,Washington.

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