West Fork Advisors’ (WFA) new product, Latitude MAAP (Multi-Asset Acquisition Platform), is a revolutionary patent-pending investment platform that provides all investors with direct access to non-correlated hard assets, along with opportunities many other investments simply do not offer.  Latitude MAAP connects investors with high-quality investment opportunities, vetted by experts, in a growing number of alternative asset categories including real estate and oil & gas.  Investors enjoy numerous tax benefits and gain the advantage of diversification without many of the risks associated with traditional, correlated investments.

Latitude MAAP addresses the needs of two target customer sets:

Small Fund Managers/Family Office – Small fund managers interested in participating in Fund of Fund asset allocation may not meet certain fund minimums and therefore are precluded from participating in attractive opportunities for their clients.   Fund managers desire to maintain control over their investors’ funds and direct their allocation into investment opportunities.  Currently available Fund of Fund options do not allow for this.  Rather, they participate in the pooling of capital that is then controlled by some other manager for the selection of assets.  Latitude MAAP makes possible for small fund managers to individually allocate investment funds in opportunities not currently available without the need to introduce another manager or “pool” their funds with other fund managers.

Retail Investors – Individual investors similarly do not have access to attractive alternative investments without large minimums.  While these minimums may vary, oil & gas or real estate opportunities often require a significant commitment that prevent ownership in numerous opportunities due the investors’ limited resources allocated in Alternative Investments.  As a result, investors are in too few opportunities to be considered properly diversified.  Latitude MAAP makes it possible for retail investors to participate in a large number of alternative investments with little capital at risk in any individual opportunity.  Furthermore, investors are provided due diligence information to make their own investment decisions without the need for an additional manager if they so choose.  Alternative investments are attractive due to their characteristics related to tax treatment, value stability, investment into a hard asset and low market correlation.  Large institutions’ and endowments’ portfolios are significantly weighted in alternative investments.  This type of access has never before been available to the individual investor.

West Fork Advisors, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company founded in 2009 by David Gunderson as sole manager and member.