During any economy, consumers are looking to save money, and in today’s economy this behavior is heightened. Consumers from every economic group are looking for various ways to save money whether it is on practical items such as an oil change, or an inexpensive activity like enjoying a dish of frozen yogurt on a hot afternoon.

TroopZilla’s target customers are those looking to save money on a wide range of activities like eating at a new trendy restaurant, getting a relaxing massage or taking a hot air balloon ride across the city. TroopZilla promotes products and services at a discounted rate of 50-90%. The TZ Differentiator allows customers to save money on purchases and earn money in a creative way. With the TZ Differentiator in place (a desktop application) in combination with the Company’s new mobile platform, TZ Fresh (releasing in late 2011), its core customers who are making daily, real-time spending choices will be more effectively served. TroopZilla’s core customers tend to be well-educated females between the ages of 21 and 40.

What will separate TZ from other competitors over the course of the next few months and years is the Company’s strategic direction of creating a fully engaged platform where its users visit TroopZilla.com more frequently than competitor websites. More time on TZ’s website will convert to increased sales and opportunities to market to its customer base. This is achieved by making it fun and rewarding for TZ customers to use the service. The TroopZilla Differentiator is designed so that users earn money on all sales on the TZ website by inviting friends to join. This creates a reason to visit the site more often to review how much money is in their TZ Bank account.  The ability of participants to frequently check their account bankroll will be fully functional from a desktop computer and via TZ Fresh. TZ Fresh enables customers to tap into special limited time deals available simultaneously with any current daily deals on the site and other promotional offerings.

Another important feature available through the Mobile App is ‘check-in places’. This allows users to engage in social networking with their friends to earn points and to utilize the TroopZilla brand for more than just daily offerings and deals.

There are currently two large competitors in this online space – Groupon and Living Social. Both companies have done extraordinarily well over the past 2 years in bringing to market a new concept of selling a single core product – local daily deals. The appetite for this product by both merchants and consumers remains extremely high. Along with its competitors, TroopZilla will leverage this significant demand, and expand its current 3 city operations nationwide.

TroopZilla is a Dba of Rising Tide, Inc., a Delaware C corporation originally founded in 201