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The Public Record (TPR) has developed one of the most significant paradigm changes the music industry has ever seen – an integrated music technology and social network platform that enables fans and musicians worldwide to collaborate on recording projects with their favorite artists via the Internet. TPR enables the world’s most popular bands to offer a simple yet powerful invitation to their fans: “Let’s make a record together!” The Public Record makes this dream a reality.

Ever since the formation of Internet-based social networks such as MySpace in 1999, music has played an important role in their growth. Musicians were some of the earliest adopters of social networks for connecting with fans and other musicians. MySpace Music is the world’s largest and most popular music platform on the web. Today, there are more than 8 million music artists and bands on MySpace, and more than 55 million music lovers. By combining a cutting edge music technology platform with a large targeted audience and powerful social networking capabilities,The Public Record is poised to experience explosive growth, deliver a unique experience to millions of music lovers, and set the new standard for Web 3.0 interactivity.

Multi-platinum record producer and digital recording pioneer Scott Humphrey foundedThe Public Record in 2009, and is in the midst of launching the Company’s platform with best-selling artist Tommy Lee participating in a fully interactive record production project with the public. New artists and bands will be signed for both album and single track projects going forward based on the success of theTommy Lee project. The Public Record anticipates becoming a legitimate and successful alternative to the old recording industry business model for both artists and their fans.








Industry Response

“The Public Record will change everything.The idea of letting guitarists and other musicians around the world pitch in with a lick here and a layer there, and watch it all come together online, just makes too much sense. We’ve had this technology for a while now and music fans have always had a desire to be involved. Kudos to Tommy and The Public Record team for harnessing these elements and allowing them to bleed into what is sure to be a killer record. The final product should be cool as hell. How can it not be? Watching it all unfold online, like a reality show, will be interesting and educational at the same time. Plus, I get the feeling that some AMAZING talent is going to be discovered withThe Public Record.”

Joe Coffey, Editorial Director, Premier Guitar Magazine

“Our partnership withTommy Lee and Public Mayhem allows Guitar Center to continue its commitment to supporting aspiring artists by giving them the best possible opportunities to be discovered and successful in today’s music business.Tommy Lee and Scott Humphrey are truly dedicated to unearthing hidden talent, a calling Guitar Center is immensely passionate about.”

Dustin Hinz, Manager of Event Marketing and Promotions, Guitar Center

“Redefine the way records are made and let your voice be heard withThe Public Record!”

Randy Staub, Grammy award winning mixer and engineer

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