The Power Company (TPC) is a nationwide, professional energy consulting and sales firm with a fresh perspective on commercial energy management based in Chicago, Illinois.  TPC specializes in enabling its customers nationwide to secure the best possible energy pricing for their needs, which is delivered with no change in service.  There are currently 16 states that have deregulated their electricity markets, and in 12 of these states, electricity suppliers can offer considerably lower pricing to attract and maintain customers.  Every business and residence in these states is a target customer for The Power Company.  While many already benefit from the savings, there are millions that do not.  Plus, experts estimate that federally mandated energy deregulation will be enacted in some form in all 50 states by 2020, with the majority in the next 3-5 years.  Warren Buffett has said that energy deregulation will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history.  As this occurs, TPC will be well positioned to leverage its strength in these emerging markets.