StillPoint Holdings is positioned to become the leader in the largest and fastest growing opportunity within the investment advisory market, where there currently exists a large unfulfilled need and demand for an affordable, enterprise advisor solution that provides best-in-class integrated functionality.  StillPoint owns a software and technology platform that is the world’s first known advisor-centric and client-customizable turnkey solution that is able to effectively address all the advisor’s assets under advisement (AUA) in an integrated end-to-end manner.  All custom portfolios require advisors to provide three primary investment functions – client plans and proposals, client wealth and portfolio management, and client review and reporting.  The Company enables investment advisors to conduct their businesses more effectively by allowing them to focus on scaling their businesses and relationships, rather than getting buried in administrative tasks, or having to choose between confidence and convenience in providing solutions for their clients.  There are three primary target customer types, for which StillPoint provides specific benefits.

Advisors Turning Independent (ATIs) – Advisors who leave large full service firms and become independent boutique Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)  require an end-to-end partner solution to aid then in that transition and empower their new found independence.  Many ATIs simultaneously become independent registered representatives of Independent Broker Dealers (IBDs) in order to maintain their old licenses and some trailing commissions.  StillPoint provides all ATIs with a world class advisor workstation and software solution integrated to a proven turnkey middle office team which enables them to:

  • Transition to independence in a reliable and cost effective way
  • Take advantage of their independence by leveraging open architecture family office quality client and account management systems
  • Streamline and scale their operations while removing financial and administrative friction
  • Focus energy on their highest and best use of time, thereby opening up new business growth opportunities
  • Realize greater financial rewards for owning a more profitable business with greater exit value

Value Added Resellers (VARs) – StillPoint’s economic model enables the Company to create incentives for VARs such as IBDs and others who have existing networks of advisor relationships.  StillPoint helps VARs to better serve and add value to their advisor relationships, while empowering them to secure their own profit margins into the future.

Any Fee-Only Advisor via a software-as-service (SAS) online distribution model.  StillPoint allows fee-only advisors who have their own portfolio designs to scale that custom portfolio across the advisor workflow from proposal, administration and performance reporting.  This custom solution scales the advisors themselves, as opposed to the product providers trying to induce them to distribute their packaged portfolio products.

The Company’s proprietary software and technology platform has been developed over a period of many years, and will be complete and ready to support revenue generation 6-9 months from funding.  StillPoint Holdings, Inc. is a Delaware C-Corp founded in December of 2010 by investment advisory veteran Greg Leekley.