Sports Grind, Inc. has developed a revolutionary and addictive non-gambling website (SportsGrind.Net) that provides the thrill of sports betting against friends without the pain of real financial loss.  Sports Grind has created a league-based game where sports fans can prove who is the better bettor in Las Vegas-style picks against live action spreads, over/unders, moneylines, parlays, futures and more.  Winners earn bragging rights, points for further play, and can receive a variety of prizes, the value of which escalates as the Company grows.

The primary market for Sports Grind is avid sports fans, and particularly players of online fantasy sports, which is the closest game comparable to Sports Grind.  Fantasy sports revolve around a hand-picked roster of players, and points tabulated based upon their game performance, as if to determine who is the better general manager of a sports franchise.  However, Sports Grind revolves around making picks on games like one would in Las Vegas, the emphasis being on who is the superior bettor.  This difference in approach has been welcomed by many due to a current lack of variety in online sports games.  Players of online sports games (estimated at nearly 30 million in North America) are hungry for something new and exciting, and Sports Grind intends to fill the need.  Some of the unique benefits of Sports Grind for fantasy sports players and sports bettors are:

Less time required compared to fantasy sports. In order for players of fantasy sports to compete at a high level, they must constantly manage their player rosters based on real world events that take lots of time to stay abreast of.  This is not desirable to a major segment of the fantasy audience comprised of casual fans who won’t commit an extraordinary amount of time to online games. Sports Grind requires much less maintenance, and provides an equally good time.

Elimination of economic risk. Real sports bettors often lose much more money than they win in the long term, even if they are skilled. Sports Grind takes real money out of the equation, yet provides a similar thrill.  Avid sports bettors and casual bettors can get their kicks without the economic risk.  Sports Grind cashes in on the upside (ego), while eliminating the downside (real money loss).

Sports Grind has completed a significant percentage of business development and early market testing work, and is now ready to complete its software platform and launch a vigorous marketing and sales program to begin ramping revenues about 3 months after securing the needed funding.  The Company was organized as a California LLC in early 2008 by Ryan Coughlin and Michael Schauer.  Sports Grind is currently in the process of becoming a California C corporation, the structure of which is outlined in this document.