Over the course of the past five years the financial and insurance business sectors have been adversely impacted, both from a financial and reputational standpoint.  Created by what was termed a “Wall Street” event it tarnished the entire industry and complicated this sector’s ability to generate continued growth.  Sustained marketing messaging and investment in sales force training is mission critical for these business sectors as they seek to gain and establish public trust in their products and services.

Most of the tools and resources that are available in the current “sales support space” are good for addressing smaller components of the sales process, but offer little in addressing the broader sales issues and needs of these firms seeking to establish their professional representatives as trusted advisors, who are true advocates of their clients’ financial interests.  Absent from these sales support companies is a “holistic” process and approach that is: (1) simple to use, (2) can be implemented quickly and (3) may be used across wide segments of these companies’ platforms.  Sales support firms tend to tout their processes and solutions, but unfortunately most address only the symptoms and not the root cause of the firms struggle to gain traction on a larger scale across their entire enterprise.

Selling Technologies is the emerging leader in the development of emotional response marketing, with proprietary sales software created to assist insurance and financial service providers in selling new products and services to individuals and business owners.  Selling Technologies value proposition lends itself well to the overall desire of businesses in the financial and insurance sector to distinguish themselves with their existing and prospective clients.

Lighthouse Strategic Projects Group, Inc. dba Selling Technologies, is presently a LLC corporation domiciled in Delaware and is in the process of converting the company to a Delaware C Corporation.