Securit Private Vaults™ is a unique concept in personal private vault storage, providing individuals and organizations with 24/7 access to their valuables in a highly secure location that is continually live guarded 365 days a year. The Company operates secure state-of-the-art private vault facilities that house safety deposit boxes, private safes, gun safes and large private vault rooms to store valuable possessions such as jewelry, precious metals, artwork, gun collections, fine wines, and important documents. Securit Private Vaults offers many solutions and benefits unavailable from bank safety deposit boxes and home or business safes.

In today’s economy where state and local funding budget cuts are impacting police and fire protection services, burglaries and invasions of homes and businesses is a problem on the rise. Security measures such as dead bolts, alarms, and on-site safes provide limited protection.  While home and business safes convey a sense of security, they can quickly be opened in minutes when robbers threaten the owner or a loved one with a weapon. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires and floods can also cause extensive loss or damage to valuables stored at home. Fire in a place of business can destroy irreplaceable documents and electronic data. To alleviate these real threats, valuables can be stored in a Securit Private Vault that is hurricane protected, fire protected and live guarded around the clock 365 day of the year.

Each Securit Private Vaults location is built to serve as a vault from the ground floor up. All private vault deposit boxes and safes are located behind more than foot-thick walls of steel reinforced rated concrete and two sophisticated man-trap secured vault doors. The latest iris recognition technology is used to control access. All vaults are equipped with sophisticated fire safety equipment and backup generators, to protect against fire or loss of electrical power. Every Securit Private Vaults location is protected by sophisticated, multi-tiered security systems that are monitored by highly trained professionals around the clock every day of the year.

Securit Private Vaults, Inc. is a Florida-based company founded in January 2010 by highly successful business veteran David R. Carruthers. All early stage business development has been completed, and the first location of many will be opened within several months.  The Company now seeks funding to accelerate the growth of this unique and highly profitable business opportunity.