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ResVez, Inc. has developed a unique gourmet nutrition bar called Resveratrol WINETIME bar™ which contains the highly-acclaimed antioxidant Resveratrol, as well as other ingredients acknowledged to provide heart-protective and anti-aging properties.

Resveratrol has been the subject of unusually intensive and positive media coverage on popular and reputable TV programs that include “60 Minutes,” “Oprah,” and a Barbara Walters special. Resveratrol is found in red grapes and has been speculated to be the answer to the “French Paradox”: Why is there such a low incidence of heart disease among the French when they have such

a high-calorie, high-fat diet? A high level of national interest in Resveratrol, coupled with encouraging results in the lab and by consumers, has led many entrepreneurial companies to develop supplements and beverages containing Resveratrol. Most of these products contain Resveratrol derived from a low cost and low quality source – the Japanese Knotweed plant.


ResVez is the first to market providing high quality Resveratrol in a sinfully delicious chocolate nutrition bar format.  The Resveratrol in the WINETIME bar comes from two sources—a) a high purity, scientifically-endorsed compound developed by DSM Nutritional Products, the world’s largest supplier of nutritional ingredients and b) a unique red wine extract manufactured in France from premium red grapes. WINETIME bar not only contains Resveratrol, but also a powerful blend of other antioxidants derived from various “super fruits.” The WINETIME bar is thus a prescription for healthy living in a bar that embodies the best that good wine has to offer, but without the alcohol.

The rich dark chocolate WINETIME bar is the first in a line of bars that ResVez is developing with the goal of establishing the company as the pre-eminent provider of functional food bars for specific health-related functions. ResVez has laid the groundwork for additional bars that will be launched over the next several years. These developmental bars include a raspberry version of WINETIME followed by TRAVELTIME bar™, a travel snack that also has immune-enhancing properties and SNOOZETIME bar™, a bar to promote relaxation and as a nightly nightcap to aid sleep. ResVez is the first company to develop a wide range of bars that have a health-related reason for consumers to choose them. Its slogan: “ResVez—bars for a reason.”

Founder Malcolm Nicholl is a nutrition bar veteran, having previously devised and implemented strategies that built weight loss and nutrition companies with sales in excess of $2 billion worldwide. A key part of the success of these programs was the creation and marketing of nutrition bars. ResVez, Inc. was founded as a California C-corporation in 2009 to leverage Nicholl’s unique expertise while capitalizing on the significant opportunities presented by Resveratrol.

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