Pros Locker Room (PLR) was created by and for professional athletes to become the world’s leading exclusive online community for professional athletes and their spouses.The founders of Pros Locker Room recognize professional athletes are bound by shared passions and common interests that PLR is uniquely positioned to support in a very high touch manner. The Company’s mission is to provide a secure community whereby professional athletes can share and tap into extensive personal experience of its members worldwide to benefit and enrich their lives by offering a comprehensive network of trusted service providers coupled with secure private social media dedicated to exclusively serve the professional athlete community. Membership in the Pros Locker Room is free by invitation only to active and retired professional athletes and their families worldwide.

PLR provides personalized services and resources to help members and their families maximize their opportunities for success and well being during their playing careers and beyond. Management recognizes that when professional athletes develop these habits and relationships while they are still active, it increases their ability to succeed when their playing days are over. Retired athletes face a whole different set of issues, including second careers, health and wellness, and financial stability – all of which Pros Locker Room is equipped to support.

Professional athletes have an affinity for working with proven experts that provide extraordinary levels of service and value. The foundation of PLR is therefore high touch, high quality service and relationship management. While a powerful technology platform will support the Company in providing this extraordinary level of service, building a strong team of high caliber people with a strong customer service mentality is of first importance. This team will eventually operate in five different primary markets across the United States, including Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and NewYork, enabling athletes in these regions personalized attention from local experts. Management has already established relationships with key services providers in some of these regions, and will continue building the highest quality network of support professionals to meet the needs of its members on an ongoing basis.

Former professional athletes and business veterans Hannibal Navies, Michael Dean, and Marc Koretzky founded Pros Locker Room in 2009.