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Orglow is a revolutionary web-based system designed to organize all of life’s important documents electronically in a highly secure manner using an easy-to-use workflow system. The Company also provides bookkeeping and accounting services to professionals and businesses that utilize the Orglow system. This integrated approach is built on a security platform that is unparalleled in the industry, and delivers unique workflow management capabilities designed to facilitate outsourcing, collaboration, and internal control, all while remaining software platform neutral. Clients own all their data, which is coded and organized to facilitate porting into a wide range of popular business software applications and accounting systems. This simplifies the process of collaboration, and enables clients to change software applications without having to re-enter all their data.

The significant value of having immediate secure remote access to important documents is clear. For example, in a medical emergency, it is extremely helpful to have immediate access to key healthcare information, a durable power of attorney, and other such documents. In the event of an IRS audit, it is also vital to have well-organized access to all pertinent documents, receipts, proof of payment, bank statements, payroll reports, etc. There are many other situations common in business and life when secure remote access to key documents can prevent unnecessary frustration and expense.

Professional clients, such as attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, doctors, dentists, engineers and architects, are all primary candidates for Orglow. These people often have a good working knowledge of computers, and understand the importance of keeping vital records organized in a safe place they can access at any time. Those who work with clients in multiple locations, need data access from various locations, and who collaborate with strategic partners and outsourced professionals will all receive significant benefit from the Orglow approach. The Company truly offers a “best of breed” solution that will have broad appeal to its target market.

While there are many companies that provide online data storage, collaboration capabilities, and accounting solutions, none utilize the powerful approach taken by Orglow. The Company’s approach is so effective that the system is HIPAA compliant for the transmission of medical records, as well as SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant for financial records. Orglow even offers accounting clients an audit guarantee, based on the company’s ability to fully control and manage all pertinent data.

Veteran finance professional Saeid Hirbodi founded Orglow to overcome operational challenges no other company had adequately solved related to streamlined accounting, electronic document storage and management, security, and multi-software compatibility. The first generation solution is currently used by some 50 clients, and has established a firm foundation on which the Company is poised to build. Orglow, Inc. was established as a California C corporation in 2008.

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