Obbolt, Corp. is a Software-as-a-Service company focused on becoming a leading force in the way luxury and design furniture is marketed and sold.  The Company’s website is designed to primarily support the needs of interior designers and furniture stores that cater to their needs, but will be of interest and benefit to consumers as well.  The services and software tools provided by Obbolt are free to use, and revenue is generated when transactions facilitated by the Company are consummated.

For interior designers, Obbolt will provide a large catalog of unique furniture from luxury and design retailers nationwide and eventually around the world.  For each piece of furniture, Obbolt will develop a 3-D model that designers can insert into their 3-D design software, helping their clients visualize the effect in software, and thereby helping sell each piece of furniture.  Obbolt will provide a variety of tools to help interior designers more effectively discover, present, and sell furniture from its participating furniture stores on a much larger scale than is available today.  The Company’s website is intended to become a premier resource to these industry professionals, one that not only provides access to great furniture and software tools, but also a great place to promote their businesses.

Securing the participation of many luxury and design furniture stores is central to the success of Obbolt.  Most of these boutique stores today have little web presence, and few sell furniture online.  A powerful e-commerce engine and vigorous marketing are often beyond the budget of these businesses.  Obbolt provides an economical and effective solution, enabling furniture stores to upload and manage their products in a simple and cost effective manner.  Each participant will have their own virtual store, integrally connected with the entire Obbolt marketing and support platform, coupled with high degrees of personalization, and social media elements to attract more business.

Consumers will also be able to use the website directly, and will become an increasingly important factor as the Company grows.  These users will have access to most interior designer capabilities, less the professional profile, and eventually with their own online design tools that do not require the software usually owned by interior designers.  Consumers will therefore be able to create projects, source furniture, and place orders right from the Obbolt website.

There are many websites that sell furniture today.  While there are some similarities to the Obbolt approach, there are some major differences.  One of the key differences is in the selection of merchandise.  Most existing websites do not provide a large enough selection to meet a high percentage of the needs of interior designers.  Also, centralized websites generally are not e-commerce enabled.  Transactions are consummated either at the furniture store, or occasionally on a furniture store website, though comparatively few furniture stores process orders online.  Another difference, many online furniture websites are retailers that carry the inventory they promote and sell.  Obbolt does not carry inventory, but rather processes orders that are then fulfilled by stocking retailers.  Lastly, the 3-D furniture models Obbolt creates will become a major differentiator from all other sites, in terms of scale and professionalism.

Obbolt has completed much of the initial technology development work, and is now ready to secure additional funding to complete its proprietary technology platform, generate an opening library of 3-D furniture models, and start generating revenue within 4 months of funding.