JTG/Daugherty Racing’s unique product offering has propelled it from a small start-up in 1994 to a reputable NASCAR property delivering over $21 million in sustained annual revenues. The company’s primary point of difference is its ability to help corporations break through the advertising clutter to effectively communicate with over 75 million Brand loyal NASCAR fans and deliver a brand message that influences consumer purchasing behavior.

As the conventional advertising landscape continues to change, major consumer packaged goods brands are seeking new, meaningful and cost-effective ways to communicate with consumers and influence them to purchase their products.

Additionally, with the economic slowdown, shoppers are planning their purchases more than ever. This requires retailers to seek innovative and improved ways to drive in-store impulse purchases and increase sales.

JTG/Daugherty’s NASCAR Sponsorship program offers brands and retailers with proven and measurable solutions to these marketing quandaries.  The Company’s Sponsorship proposition delivers industry experts, programmed processes, proprietary marketing tools and turnkey fulfillment systems.

The Company’s proprietary Sponsor activation program, SponsorserveSM, allows multiple, complimentary brands to promote collectively. This lowers overall costs for each of the participating brands and drives increased promotional impact for retailers.

SponsorserveSM and the JTG/Daugherty Racing offering is the only program of its kind in NASCAR. With proper capitalization, the Company is poised for significant growth within the $1 billion NASCAR Sponsorship market and to introduce its marketing services and proprietary software to other venues within the Sponsor-driven sports industry.

The Company’s unique competitive differences:

  • Boasts the highest sponsor retention rates in NASCAR
  • Boasts the industry’s highest closure rates delivered from new client appointments
  • Several larger teams in the industry have attempted to acquire JTG/Daugherty Racing over the last 24 months
  • The SponsorserveSM program was built by Brand people for Brand people.

JTG/Daugherty Racing, Inc. is a North Carolina C corp. and has operated continuously in the NASCAR industry since 1994.