(GV) is a revolutionary new technology that enables mobile subscribers access to individual and group text messages and select social networking sites without typing, by voice, at any time, on any wireless mobile device or from any land-line phone.  Subscribers compose and reply to text messages and social network entries entirely by voice.  Hands-free and eyes-free.  Safely while driving, and at any other time.

Currently, more than 50 countries have legislation that prohibits usage of cell phones while driving unless usage is hands-free.  In the U.S., over 30 states have already made it illegal including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California, while other states have bills pending.

Two words summarize the value and importance of


The significant recent increase in SMS messaging-related automobile accidents underscores the importance of driving safety.  The solution addresses the problem in a logical, safe and cost-effective manner.


The super convenience of the GV platform enables wireless phone users to compose, send, and receive text messages entirely with voice commands.  Messages sent via can be read by recipients on their phone just like any other SMS message.  Sending text messages with takes less than half the time it takes to send a text message using thumbs.

The product works on any mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada, even a prepaid cell phone.  No software is downloaded onto user phones, which saves memory.  Software updates are managed at the server end, ensuring the entire network benefits from all improvements.  This approach is more robust than typical cell phone applications (apps), as app program size often limits features and functionality. Thus, the GV engine is able to use True Voice recognition instead of live transcription services for increased security and a faster user experience.

GV is available to consumers and professionals, as well as telecommunications carriers and resellers worldwide.  While English is the primary language, the service will soon be available in French, Spanish, Italian, and German.  The Company has already completed and funded its technology and delivery platform development, and is now ready to launch the service on a wide scale.

GetVext Hands-free Solutions, Inc. is an Oklahoma C corporation founded in 2010 by Maven Holding Company, in a joint venture with IVRNet, a publically traded Canadian corporation based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The principal of Maven has successfully launched and grown telecom companies that achieved several hundred million dollars in annual revenue.