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FusionSports Marketing Group, Inc. (FusionSports or the Company) is a multi-disciplinary design and athlete market- ing agency that focuses on digital branding for elite professional athletes worldwide. Through social media networking platforms and applications, FusionSports connects elite professional athletes to their fan base worldwide using a single technology solution that optimizes relationship management, brand building, and revenue generation. The Company develops and integrates an ROI-focused action plan across all digital channels deploying a variety of athlete branded digital content, merchandise, official websites, and more, creating synergistic and high margin revenue streams for its athlete clients. FusionSports has already established more than 20 relationships with professional athletes for its services, and will be ready to launch major growth initiatives soon after funding.

Most professional athletes recognize the need to have a strong digital brand presence in order to build and support a growing fan base. The primary challenges faced by these athletes are maintaining an active social networking presence across a growing number of platforms, and generating significant revenue from their digital brand. FusionSports solves the first challenge by providing a single user interface athletes use to maintain all of their social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, RSS feeds, etc. Secondly, the Company provides a complete revenue maximization solution that enables athletes to convert more fans into regular customers. This program is focused on the integration of an ongoing, targeted marketing campaign for each athlete with a powerful mix of both proven and leading edge revenue generation strategies. Simply put, FusionSports helps athletes spend less time to get more fans and convert higher numbers of them into regular customers.



Entrepreneurs Ashley De Walt and Alexander Heilmann originally founded FusionSports Marketing Group in January 2005. Since inception, the Company has attracted high profile clients including Ray Lewis, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes of the NFL, Rashard Lewis of the NBA, and Doc Patton of USA Track and Field, to name a few. Additionally, FusionSports has developed strong relationships and established exclusive technology partnerships with proven companies that supply all the necessary support services needed to enable the Company to become a leader in digital marketing solutions for elite professional athletes over the next several years.

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