Raising capital for an entrepreneurial business, be it a start-up or an ongoing concern, is unquestionably a difficult challenge.  In a way, entrepreneurs always face a paradox – it is difficult to move a business forward without funding capital, and yet capital is extremely difficult to secure without moving the company forward.  Entrepreneur Capital Resources (ECR) has spent years chronicling and analyzing the techniques successful entrepreneurs used to finance their  businesses, and documented critical milestones and processes that significantly improved an entrepreneur’s ability to secure funding.  The result of this research is a completely developed and proven system for securing financing in stages which correlate to predictable milestones and stages each company historically follows as they go from concept to launch and from a young start-up to a mature organization.  ECR has created two initial products that will assist entrepreneurs and small businesses when securing capital for growth:

  • The Start-Up Capital Toolkit for entrepreneurs without an existing company.
  • The Financing Coach Toolkit for companies that have been in business at least 6 months and have moved past the prototyping and proof of concept stage.

These toolkits consist of information products and one-on-one consulting services that form the foundation of Entrepreneur Capital Resources. The Company will continue to develop and provide an increasing suite of products and services to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in their quest for capital.

The Company’s products and services are targeted at three specific groups of entrepreneurs that typically seek funding from $25,000 to $500,000:

  • Unemployed or underemployed individuals. There are more than 23 million workers in this category in the United States.  The current economic situation is forcing many of these previously employed workers to either become self-employed or start their own business.
  • Entrepreneurs ready to launch a business. There are more than 500,000 companies that open every year in the U.S., even during times of economic downturn.
  • Existing small business owners. There are nearly 30 million small businesses in the U.S.  According to the Small business Association, raising capital was the number one reason small businesses expanded.

ECR’s ability to deliver an effective solution at an affordable yet profitable price is based on the Company having systematized the entire process.  Initial orders are for products that are automatically delivered via the Internet.  Consulting services are the next level of service, and are delivered via telephone by subcontractors trained in the ECR program and located around the country.  Document production services, such as business plans, presentations, and contracts, are outsourced to experts.

The opportunity is clear.  Hundreds of thousands of new entrepreneurs enter the marketplace as start-ups every year, and many go out of business every year as well.  There is a continuous flow of new potential prospects coming into the marketplace.  With a profitable infrastructure that efficiently delivers the education and services that a young company needs to succeed, and the capital to establish the brand, Entrepreneur Capital Resources can rapidly become a leader within the marketplace.

Entrepreneur Capital Resources intends to become a premier online resource and community for entrepreneurial and small business education, information, resources, consulting and coaching.