is the world’s largest faith-based online community, serving more than 450,000 organizations and individuals with high quality Christian media resources and social networking utilities. The Company is focused on two target customer groups – institutional users such as churches, non-profits, and faith-based enterprises; and individuals sharing the same values. occupies a strategic leadership advantage in this space, as no competitor has been able to achieve similar success across the breadth of its target community.

In order to succeed today, faith-based organizations have a growing need for effective utilization of Internet technologies, such as social media communications and the use of streaming media. Most small and medium churches struggle to even get started in these areas due to the required skills and expertise, limited reliability of volunteers, and high costs of professional solutions.  Existing providers of video delivery solutions, such as major content delivery networks and streaming providers, have little interest in these small accounts, and mostly offer solutions for clients with high demands and big budgets.  Additionally, today’s alternative solutions for online marketing and video delivery leave churches, artists and organizations alone in regards to finding and building a growing online audience. is poised to meet the needs of these organizations in a unique, powerful, and affordable way through a variety of online services tailored towards the needs and budgets of small and medium size churches, organizations and enterprises.












The faith-based market is growing, both domestically and globally.  Marketers increasingly seek for opportunities to reach these markets, and is becoming the premier resource for connecting with this large and valuable market.

In addition to organizations and churches, individuals and families are concerned about the online safety of their children and youth, and want them to develop friendships with others sharing similar values to keep them in a safer environment. provides an online community that facilitates this objective.  Furthermore, believers around the world are seeking Christian websites that offer rich media resources, sharing opportunities in their own language, and access to Christian communities that enable them to feel and stay connected with a larger body of believers. is free for individuals and institutional users to use. This has enabled the Company to develop a sizeable audience and gain the attention of many who can contribute to the growth and success of the business.  A growing number of paid services are being introduced. now seeks to expedite the growth of the business through raising capital to strengthen its technology infrastructure and deploy a vigorous marketing and sales program, resulting in a disruption of small service and content providers, and the creation of a dominant leader in this large and fragmented space –