Today, individuals over 50 have a heightened focus on finding purpose and meaning through refining values and beliefs, making a difference, and leaving a legacy.  To meet these needs, Boomer Senior Living International (BSLI) has aggregated and developed a comprehensive suite of consultative, diagnostic, and results-oriented services and social entrepreneurship opportunities designed specifically for Baby Boomers and Seniors.

Through a variety of integrated web centers, the Company generates and delivers rich-media edutainment content for subscribers, and provides customized “best of breed” products and services fulfilled by strategic partners.  The entire BSLI network is built on proprietary technologies that go beyond traditional user analytics to create predictive trending for this market segment. This valuable information will be utilized to shape new ideas and launch new products and services through business incubators based on individual and community need.  The Company provides its subscribers with the means of generating social income, as well as opportunities to give back to the community, achieve quality of life goals, make a difference in the lives of others, achieve collective change through social entrepreneurship, and leave a legacy.

Boomer Senior Living International is a 5-year old company that primarily delivers its products and services through a comprehensive portal website for active and creative Baby Boomers. provides educational and informative content, products, services and community forums where like-minded individuals can learn and share.  The Company’s vision is to redefine the mental model of aging from one of limitation to one of rich and rewarding possibilities. The Company’s offerings strongly support the concept of lifelong learning, personal mastery, and self-fulfillment.

Through a focus on developing an in-depth understanding of its audience, and creating a means to meet their needs and interests, has become a trusted resource for Baby Boomers and Seniors, and a virtual community where members visit and participate in interactive centers.  These centers include career management, women in business, culinary arts, financial planning, wellness, sustainable home living, relationships, travel, arts and entertainment, philanthropy, education, and more.  Each center is coordinated by program directors, well-known and recognized as national leaders in their chosen fields. Program directors are selected based on content knowledge, expertise, and desire to share their experience with the boomer generation.

While there are many websites targeting Baby Boomers and Seniors, none offer the comprehensive depth of high value added services that are found on  With a deep pool of well-known experts on all areas of focus, the Company can provide individuals with greater access to these experts for highly customized solutions to their personal needs.  Another key aspect of the business model is creating a strong level of credibility so that customers can more readily trust and act upon information and support garnered through  For example, Baby Boomers or Seniors wanting to start their own business can tap into a virtual team to help analyze viability, develop business strategies and tactics, and even participate in implementation.  High caliber, one-on-one services are prevalent, helping ensure the Company delivers the best possible quality and value, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and building credibility.

Boomer Senior Living International, Inc. was reorganized in 2011 from several businesses that have operated for a number of years.  Founder Dr. Douglas Fitzgerald launched The National Center for Baby Boomers in 2007, and Key Life Benefits in 2009.  The Company acquired Boomer Authority, StrataGEMS, and Boomer Knowledge fin 2011.  Each of these business entities significantly enhances the integrated solutions and support capacity the Company provides to its customers.