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An estimated $10 trillion of business value from baby boomer-owned U.S. small businesses will need to provide an exit event for their owners over the next decade as boomers retire. These events can be in the form of shutting down, selling to a family member, selling to management, initiating a partner buy-out, selling to a competitor, selling to a private equity firm, or selling to an outside individual. Most business owners are looking for a qualified buyer, however, there is currently no simple and reliable way to find prospective buyers. A similar challenge faces serious business buyers. A simple process for finding and qualifying businesses for sale does not exist today. While there are many business brokers and websites that promote businesses for sale, there is no uniform and streamlined system for matching qualified buyers and sellers. Bizware’s integratedTom$core and BizConnectNow. com solution is designed to overcome these prevalent challenges, and quickly become the nation’s premier platform for bringing qualified business buyers and sellers together, along with all the professional services and strategic partners necessary to consummate a successful transaction.

BizConnectNow.com’s target market is anyone interested, motivated, and qualified to buy or sell a small business. BizConnectNow.com will provide a powerful arena where serious buyers and sellers will be able to meet, match, and close deals. To achieve this objective, Bizware has secured the exclusive license to useTom$core, a highly reputable qualification regimen similar to those used in the banking industry, to prequalify business buyers, and to value businesses for sale, thereby legitimizing both sides of a deal. Tom$core evaluates objective and subjective variables in order to derive an overall point score that is used to make qualification determinations.This process enables business buyers and sellers to save both time and money. It also eliminates unqualified buyers, and those who are not currently serious about buying a business. On BizConnectNow.com, buyers will only be shown businesses they are prequalified for and eligible to purchase. Both buyers and sellers will be able to access qualified strategic partners who can help with virtually any aspect of the business sale process.

BizConnectNow.com is similar to existing competitors in that it lists small to medium-sized businesses for sale. However, the Company will be significantly different by being the first online platform with a prequalifying component to connect sellers with appropriate buyers from the start. Today, all leading business-for-sale websites are essentially just online classifieds, and they are primarily advertising supported. In contrast, BizConnectNow.com adds real value and efficiency to the buying and selling process. The Company takes price as an obstacle out of the equation, and allows serious qualified sellers to meet serious qualified buyers. BizConnectNow.com also enables them to connect with each other anonymously, and ask questions to determine if the other side is serious before meeting. Buyers and sellers can also upload all documents necessary to close and fund a deal, and provide access to trusted support professionals.

The end result is that for serious business buyers and sellers, BizConnectNow.com can help reduce the average time it takes to find, qualify, and close a transaction from about 2 years down to less than 6 months.

Bizware, Inc. was founded by banking, commercial lending, operations, and technical veteransThomas Meyer, Craig Charak, and Erik Heuser in 2004.

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