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360 Football Academy is a national organization dedicated to developing student-athletes into leaders.  To achieve this objective, the Company (360) provides student-athletes with best-in-class comprehensive training programs and expert resources that support the development of exceptional athletic skills and academic knowledge.  The curriculum includes test-taking strategies, finance basics, health and wellness, presentation, interview skills, and career development, coupled with sports-specific athletic and game insights, techniques and drills, that are all treated in-depth by subject matter experts.  Professional athletes are deeply engaged in the program as 360 Football Academy leaders, coaches, panelists and mentors.  The Company is unique in that it hires a large number of current NFL athletes to participate in its academies.  The 360 program delivers a functional blueprint that empowers student-athletes to successfully transition into college and career, providing valuable preparation for life and business.

According to the National Federation of High Schools, there are more than 8.6 million boys that play high school football.  This group is the primary market for 360 Football Academy.  The Company’s program is comprised of a five-day / four-night academy coupled with a year-round course curriculum administered through technology based modules.  360 utilizes a robust relationship management system and continuous interaction with student-athletes to monitor their on-going development, and ensure each receives maximum benefit from all available resources.

While most student-athlete football players dream of playing in the NFL, the reality is that few will achieve this goal.  Instead, they often find themselves with a limited education and few opportunities when their playing days come to an end.  Understanding and addressing this reality is why 360 Football Academy was created.  One of the Company’s primary objectives is therefore to provide student-athletes a comprehensive year-round curriculum administered in collaboration with some of the most respected and accomplished firms in both the athletic and academic space so that nearly all participants attend college through academic or athletic scholarships.

In addition to student athletes, 360 provides professional growth opportunities for NFL athletes as well by enhancing their coaching skills through interaction with some of the top coaches across the country, and licensing the 360 model for use in their market.

The Company has already conducted its first academy, and is now seeking funding to fully implement its curriculum and technology platforms, and begin highly targeted marketing.

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